All Terrain Forklift Training and Certification

by Amit

When people hear the word forklift they naturally assume it is a simple pallet truck like you would see in the back of a warehouse that moves large pallets stacked with boxes of merchandise.

Of course, there are many different kinds of forklifts that are used in the business world and each of them have different aspects to them that will require a different set of lessons to be learned. This means that training will be a bit different from the standard forklift that everyone thinks of.

All Terrain Forklift Training

All Terrain Forklift Training

An all-terrain forklift requires a different set of regulations as it is used both inside and outside. Most standard forklifts can be used outside, but they can only be used on a hard flat surface such as concrete or pavement. All-terrain forklifts have a wider wheel base and can be used on different kinds of surfaces such as gravel and sand.

Your safety requirements will be much more detailed due to the amount of different surfaces you can work on. You will be working with different types of loads as well and will need to know weight ratios in regards to the surface you are operating on. A heavy load while on sand will cause the forklift to operate differently than if it was on concrete.

Your written/classroom study will be a bit more involved as well as the hands-on training that you will need to go through before becoming certified. If your employer does specific tasks with these forklifts, then you will be tested on how effectively you performed normal operating tasks. Just like standard forklift training, all-terrain forklift training will be done by a certified instructor that works for your employer.

This is a more specialized career and the testing will be a bit more difficult, but if you have general forklift training already, then you shouldn’t have any problems with becoming certified.

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