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Forklift Certification

There are a lot of people out there that would love to change their career to something that is exciting and highly rewarding. One of those careers is being a forklift operator at a large warehouse or factory. Forklift operators make a very good wage because they are specifically trained to operate the machinery that […]


In order to be able to have a job operating a forklift, you will need to get your certification. This certification can be attained in a couple of ways. One way is for the company you are hired with to train you. Another way requires you to take the initiative and enroll in a training […]


The Port of San Diego is the fourth largest seaport in California and is one of 17 militarily strategic ports in the country. The Port of San Diego accounts for 42,000 jobs in the region with 5,000 of those being along the waterfront. Some of those jobs belong to forklift operators. The Port of San […]


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