OSHA Forklift Certification

by Amit

In order to be able to have a job operating a forklift, you will need to get your certification. This certification can be attained in a couple of ways. One way is for the company you are hired with to train you. Another way requires you to take the initiative and enroll in a training program on your own.

Of course, there is the ability to take your training online as well. Each of these ways has its pros and cons, although one of them will have to be done in order for you to get your certification.

Forklift Certification

Forklift Certification

You will be required to know the basic operations of your forklift and the maintenance that will be required to make sure that is stays operational. This goes for any of the four different kinds of forklifts as well as the attachments that you might have to use. You will also need to understand and follow the safety requirements while operating a forklift; such as the weight distribution and center of gravity changes as you are lifting loads higher off the ground. Because the load tends to move forward as you lift it, the weight distribution changes and the safety issues will change as well.

In order to get your certification, you will have to show an understanding of operating procedures as well as the ability to concentrate on what you are doing while in operation. You are going to need to meet the hiring requirements of the company as well. This can include a certain age limit or having a valid driver’s license as well as valid references and passing drug testing.

Because these machines are considered heavy equipment, you will have to be trained and certified before being allowed to operate them in any way. If you are not certified, the company that hires you can actually be fined by OSHA and that is not something they want to have happen to them.

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