Become a Forklift Trainer

by Amit

If you’ve been a forklift operator for a while and would like to add something more to your career, you may consider becoming certified as a forklift trainer. This will put you in the position of training other forklift operators to be knowledgeable and safe at their jobs. The position of training forklift operators is a very serious and important one as you’ll be the person responsible for ensuring that the would be operators learning from you are the best and as safe as they can be.

There are, of course, some strict guidelines that must be met before you can become certified as a forklift trainer. The first one, obviously, is that you know how to operate a forklift yourself. Only people with the needed knowledge and experience are accepted as certified forklift trainers. OSHA has stated that only someone with adequate proficiency and experience as a forklift operator can move to the next step of becoming a trainer.

How to Become a Certified Forklift Trainer

How to Become a Certified Forklift Trainer

You’re not required to repeat original forklift operator training in order to become a certified forklift trainer. What you’ll need to do when you realize that you want to become a trainer is to take a continuing education course on forklift safety. This keeps you up to date on the most recent methods of forklift operating technology. It also shows that you’re serious about becoming a trainer.

In fact, there really aren’t any required special classes to attend when you want to become a certified forklift trainer. There are three things you must have. These are:

1. The knowledge of forklifts, their attachments and how to operate them.
2. The ability to pass on this information in a manner that trainees comprehend it.
3. The ability to answer any questions the trainees may have.

Now, if you feel that you need more specialized instruction, or your employer does things this way, there are plenty of Train-the-Trainer classes that you can choose from.

Legally, you can become certified once you have the aforementioned knowledge, training and experience of a forklift operator. You can go to your supervisor and request to become certified as a trainer or you can wait until a job opening comes up and you can ask at that time. It is your employer/supervisor that can certify you once you have shown that you’re a master of the three basic requirements listed above. It’s really just that simple.

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