OSHA Rules and Regulations for Forklift Operators

by Amit

OSHA has instated regulations on the training of forklift operators to curb the amount of injuries that were happening when they allowed employers to determine what kind of training their employees needed and how long that training was required to be.

It was noted that over 80 deaths a year were being caused by improper training, so the government stepped in and took control to make the workplace a safer place to be. By doing this, they made regulations that have to be followed or there could be serious fines brought against the company that is training their employees.

OSHA Rules and Regulations for Forklift Operators

OSHA Rules and Regulations for Forklift Operators

The first aspect is that the training must be done in both classroom and hands-on training. This gives your employees the ability to learn all that they need to know about safety and maintenance of the forklift along with the proper operating techniques that are required for your business. This means that you can train them to do the work that needs to be done in your warehouse and in the way that you want it to be done instead of getting just general knowledge of how the forklift works in general.

OSHA requires written records of the employees training to be accessible as well. This means that the training instructor is required to maintain accurate records on every employee that goes through the training. Not only will the instructors need to keep good records of the employees they are training, but they will also have to be trained in all the aspects of working with a forklift safely.

On top of all of this, the employer must evaluate the employee’s ability to use a forklift in a safe manner and according to the job that they are using the forklift for. If the employer doesn’t agree that they have been trained correctly, then they will have to go through the training aspect again until they get it right.

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